What is Elevate Kids?

This kid-friendly video site teaches your children biblical leadership principles like courage, confidence, and kindness!

Kid-friendly Videos:

The leadership videos on Elevate Kids & Elevate Kids Jr. are kid-friendly, age-appropriate, and Bible-based to show your child how to become the leader that God designed him or her to be! Your child can access over 450 Leadership Videos for FREE! Using these videos, your child will learn to apply the Bible’s leadership principles to his or her daily life.

Watch Weekly or Daily:

Have your child watch the Leadership Videos on a daily or weekly basis. You can pick which video fits your needs and schedule. Does your child need to learn more about self-control or helpfulness? Have him or her watch a lesson on that Leadership Trait! The videos can also be used as a daily devotional or a Bible study for your child!

Watch On The Go:

Is your family super busy? No worries! Elevate Kids is completely portable! Have your child watch the videos on a home computer, tablet, or smartphone! Now he or she can get Biblical leadership training on the way to soccer practice, or anywhere else!